Summit Nutrition was founded in 2016 to fulfill a void in the community. Founder, Vanessa Brown aspired to be a Dietitian after a battle with childhood obesity. Her grandmother, who lived on Summit Ave, where she spent most of her childhood, showed love through food. Summit Nutrition has developed over the years with a passion for wellness, a holistic focus and a weight-neutral approach.

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist


  • Minimum 4 years Nutrition degree from an accredited University

  • Minimum 30 weeks supervised practical training (generally unpaid)

  • Extensive competency exam (to use RD title)

  • Active registration with provincial Regulatory body (to ensure ethical, evidence-based practice) 

  • Title "Registered Dietitian" is protected (like Physician or Pharmacist)

  • Carry liability insurance

  • Complete ongoing continuing education 


  • Anyone can use this title

  • It is not protected

  • This can include adding the words "registered", "certified" or "licensed"

What does a Dietitian Do?

What people think we do: give out meal plans, tell you what you aren't allowed to eat, and hand out Canada's Food Guide

What we actually do: help individuals learn and understand aspects of your health, body and illness or diseases.  Build a positive relationship with food.  "Tweak" your diet or lifestyle to be in line with your goals.  It's not all about weight; although weight (higher or lower) may have some health implications, a change in weight is not the goal but rather a bi-product.

Did you know?

Certain qualified Dietitians (with additional specialized training) are capable of feeding people through tubes (enteral) or IV's (parentral).  Can assist with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).  Can provide Medical Nutrition Therapy: dietary changes proven to positively impact chronic disease such as Kidney disease (improving eGFR), Diabetes (improving A1C), Blood Pressure (reducing systolic values) and High Cholesterol (reducing LDL).

Our Dietitian

Vanessa Brown

Owner and Registered Dietitian

Vanessa is a Registered Dietitian (#1298) with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia.  She has a background in Nutrition and Kinesiology, holding Bachelor degrees in both.  With a passion for people, nutrition and exercise, Vanessa works to create small, manageable changes that results in a healthier, longer-lasting lifestyle for her clients.  Vanessa holds a high level of professionalism and strives in a collaborative approach.  With experience in various Dietetics fields, including sports, clinical, eating disorders, diabetes and weight management she brings a wealth of experience to the table.  Using motivational interviewing techniques, a personalize approach and providing evidenced-based information, clients continue to return with satisfaction.

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Initial Assessment

| 75 Minutes | $130 |

Follow Up Appointment

| 60 Minutes | $110 |

Group Sessions -

including presentation and/or corporate events

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Additional Nutrition Services

Grocery Store Tours | Cooking Demos | Expos | Menu Development | Menu Analysis

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Appointments available in person, by phone, or via skype

Dietitian services may be covered by your extended Health Benefits. Please contact your provider for details. All clients will be provided with an official receipt.